Stack with the same name loop

Neville Smythe neville.smythe at
Thu Oct 7 20:09:05 EDT 2021

Jaque wrote

> On 8 Oct 2021, at 7:54 am, use-livecode-request at wrote:
> For me, the confusion would be resolved if the Save button was renamed to 
> "Save and Purge". I was never quite sure what that button saved, though in 
> retrospect it's pretty obvious.

And ...

if the dialog could inform the user as to the filename of the stack which is about to be opened, the filename of the stack currently in memory (or “not yet saved"), and whether the current stack has unsaved changes. This would make it clearer what the consequences are in each of the options.

It seems to me in Sean’s case the stack being loaded was not the stack one might expect (ie was it attempting to reload the the original or the renamed stack?)


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