OT: Priorities (was: Re: Stack with the same name loop)

Curry Kenworthy curry at pair.com
Thu Oct 7 16:23:16 EDT 2021

My two pesos, following these comments....

 > they leave something as *basic as this
 > unrepaired for EIGHT....TEEN....YEARS !?!

 > they have to make considered choices in what to address
 > at any given time given the resources available to them.

 > At least the new licensing model should allow LC to prioritise
 > based on what customers use.
 > IMO the open source initiative was the single biggest mistake

 > I survived the age of freeware.

 > Heather politely called cheese on this topic some time ago.
 > May we please respect the wishes of the list owner?


I propose reducing the attempts to silence one another?

That cheese remark doesn't sound like a very accurate portrayal;
that license change topic had simply been discussed enough.

No need to conflate that with this tiny celebration
of better priorities. If we outlaw positive feedback too,
what will be left? Maybe you'll direct us what to say?

My apologies if I'm wrong (been sick going on 2 months,
haven't read everything) but all of the comments
on priorities, and the same-name parent topic
make really good points as far as I've read.
(Including Richard's on the parent thread.)

Reality is a complex world. We need to respect
the limitations of real people and resources.
LC can't be everything to everyone for 99 cents.
They've done some great things.

But we also need to respect a variety of opinions.
Otherwise we handicap ourselves, as we've learned.

There was a time not long ago when this list
was dominated by only a handful of people.
90% of the time we heard only a few voices.

Result? For those few people, maybe it was OK.
Their own personal needs drove their priorities
and they drove conversation around their desires.
For everyone else, maybe not quite so great.

I like hearing different views. You learn things.
A big +1 from me to a lot of varied comments.
Different people have different needs and priorities.
Let's be willing to listen more.

I'll shut up now and go back to read/lurk/work. :)

(I'm gradually doing a WordLib update ... still sick.
Fairly low chance of me monitoring any replies here;
this is intended as my single post for the week.)

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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