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On 2021-10-07 17:10, Pi Digital via use-livecode wrote:
> The ‘save/purge/cancel’ is only intuitive to you it seems because you
> understand the background. It doesn’t seem to make sense to us (and
> certainly not a newcomer) because we have only our experience from
> other software to go on and how we expect it to work. If we do a
> saveAs in any other ware, we would never see a purge option. Maybe
> just an ‘are you sure’ or a ‘this will have this kind of effect’
> warning. So we would never expect this kind of behaviour from software
> and know what to do with it. Hence the immediate initial responses to
> my OP (which were hilarious by the way, much needed light relief).

As I said, this isn't anything to do with 'Save As' specifically - 'Save 
As' is doing precisely what you would expect... i.e. Saving the 
stackfile to a different file, and just as when you do that in any other 
application the filename of the stack changes to be the new filename.

What you are seeing is the mechanism which is in place to prevent two 
mainstacks of the same name being loaded into memory at once. That 
mechanism *only* occurs *if* something has attempted to load a stack 
into memory when there is already one with the same name (but a 
different filename).

The question to ask is why, in your case, 'everytime you do a Save As' 
is that mechanism triggered? i.e. There must be some script that is 
running somewhere (whether it be IDE, plugin, or code in one of the 
project's stacks) which is causing it.

So the first thing to ask is, is the recipe as simple as:

   1) Select stack you want to 'Save As'
   2) File > Save As
   3) Give a different name and Save
   4) Duplicate name Save/Purge/Cancel dialog appears?

Or is there any more to the recipe?

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