LC apps crashing on devices running iOS 15.x

HENRY LOWE hlowe at
Thu Oct 7 04:29:08 EDT 2021

Fernando and I have submitted a bug report ( ) after confirming that previously stable LC iOS apps are intermittently crashing at launch on devices (iPhone & iPad) running iOS 15.x. We have submitted crash logs to LC. The issue has been confirmed but, so far, it is unclear what is causing the crashes.
What we appear to know so far:

1. Seems to be an iOS 15.x issue on a device only (no simulator crash).

2. Crash on launch only - I have seen no crashes once app successfully launches.

3. No splash screen is shown, so crashing early in the launch process.

4. Crash on launch is intermittent.

5. Does not crash on first launch after installation.

6. Leaving the app in the background long enough for it to be killed by iOS? seems a necessary condition for a subsequent crash on launch.

7. Crash logs show KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS. The crashed thread accessed unmapped memory, either by accessing data or an instruction fetch.
Is anyone else seeing intermittent app crashes on launch under iOS 15? If so, can you provide any additional information and/or crash logs to LC? In my case the iOS App Store app is written using LC 9.6.4 (Stable) on macOS 10.14.

I have some very unhappy users and would love to submit an app update fixing this issue.



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