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Hi Richard,

> Am 30.03.2021 um 04:38 schrieb Richard Gaskin via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
> Jim Lambert wrote:
> > Every time I click on a button in the IDE with the pointer tool
> > in order to select and, say, move it, I'd prefer if the mousedown/up
> > scripts didn't fire off because I'm editing the UI not running it.
> > If I recall correctly this was not how LC/Revolution originally
> > behaved.
> It still does. I don't believed anything with mouse message handling has changed in many years, if at all.

as I wrote this must have started with Revolution 5.x
Engine <=4.x did not fire these messages with POINTER tool selected.

> I haven't seen how Klaus came across the mouseEnter message, so I can't begin to guess how this is only coming to his attention now.

I was working on a customer stack recently, who had this "hover" effect built into all of his buttons.
Never noticed this before.

> Either way, with the engine having worked as it does with tool messages since 1992 I'm not expecting change.

Yes, I think I was a bit too hasty with my report, since fixing this "inconsequence" will obviously break a lot of stacks.

> > Richard, remember SuperEdit? Very much about authoring.
> I remember it well, as does John Balgenorth and perhaps some others here.
> It was surprisingly polarizing: some loved it, some hated, but I never met anyone who'd used it who was indifferent about it.

I just loved it and rarely switched over to SuperCard! :-)

> I loved it. But I loved everything about the package at that time. Maybe I mostly loved the time. :)
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> Richard Gaskin



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