New(?) Idea for Standalones

Roger Guay irog at
Sun Mar 28 17:58:30 EDT 2021

Nope! Right clicking on a standalone I’m trying to share with my wife on her iMac w OS 11.2 results in this menu: Open Attachment - Quick Look Attachment - Save Attachment…. - Save to Downloads Folder - Share - Copy - Speech

Then, clicking on the “Open Attachment” menu item results in the same response I reported earlier: a simple screen with this message: You do not have permission to open the application “StackOmatic”. “Contact your computer or network administrator for assistance” with a simple “OK” button. Dead end as before!

Further, at Kelly's suggestion to try and adjust settings in the Security and Privacy System Preferences to downgrade standards to allow a one time opening, I found nothing of the sort. 

So at this point, I think Kelly’s idea of someone with Apple credentials building a certified standalone that runs stacks is the only short term solution. If it helps, I and probably others, would be willing to pay a reasonable fee for such gem. Otherwise, I and anyone else wanting to share stacks, will have to jump through the increasingly ridiculous hoops that Apple (and Windows?) place before us. OTH….

Ultimately, I really think that a LiveCodeLight app that runs stacks without the IDE would be the best way to go to share stacks with friends, family and colleagues.


> On Mar 28, 2021, at 12:24 AM, scott--- via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Kelly is correct. While holding down the control key, click and hold (or right click) to get an additional menu allowing you to choose to open the app.
>> Scott 

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