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Sun Mar 28 15:08:03 EDT 2021

I've seen similar issues when trying to read other file types from the resources folder in an 
Android standalone. Try copying the file to specialFolderPath("documents") and play it from 
there. It's likely a permissions problem that I wish didn't exist.

On 3/28/21 1:24 PM, Derek Bump via use-livecode wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I was wondering if anyone has insight into the usage of 
> "androidStartAudioPlayingInBackground()", or can confirm that it works?
> I setup a test stack that attempts to play a public domain MP3 using the following script but 
> nothing plays. I receive nothing from the function, and I'm getting the following in logcat: 
> LiveCode: JNI exception thrown when calling native method
> on mouseUp
>     local tFile
>     put specialFolderPath("engine") & "/" & "spring_song.mp3" into tFile
>     if there is not a file tFile then
>        answer "File not found:" && tFile
>     end if
>     put androidStartAudioPlayingInBackground(tFile) into card field "result"
>     -- logcat: LiveCode: JNI exception thrown when calling native method
> end mouseUp
> I've tested this build using Community 9.6.2 (rc3) and 9.0.5, on an Android 9.0 Virtual Device 
> and a Android 9.0 phone. Same result across the board, nothing plays.
> I did test and confirm the ability to play the audio file with "mobilePlaySoundOnChannel", but 
> I need background playback for my project to work. Also, I searched the LiveCode Quality 
> Control site for existing bugs (no results) and searched the forum a bit.
> Does anyone have any ideas? Here is my test stack if you're willing to give it a shot on your 
> end:
> Thank you in advance,
> Derek Bump
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