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Sean & Others,

I will be reading this over to learn all i can from it, and see how this
knowledge can help me be a better LC dev.
I have a funny feeling it will come in handy one day soon.

I very much appreciate the time it took to explain all this.

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> On 3/11/21 3:03 PM, Sean Cole (Pi) via use-livecode wrote:
> > I hope that all makes sense.
> Sean-
> That makes sense, but it's a bad paradigm (IMO) for the same reason that
> using real data for database indexes is a bad idea unless it just gets
> written once and doesn't need maintenance.
> What happens when a folder or a file gets renamed? You have to work your
> way through the array finding out where the old name is, carefully
> extract any data residing there, delete the old array element, and
> insert a new element containing the old data. Trust me, this is a
> pain... having just gone through this with the styledText array of field
> contents.
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