Array Split vs Combine

Sean Cole (Pi) sean at
Tue Mar 9 11:56:02 EST 2021

Hi all,

I have a tsv I split out as an array, process, then combine back to a tsv.
The tsv is 53MB (55,635,198 bytes) and has 228320 lines with 21 columns
(55406878 chars).

To load the tsv file : 434ms
To split the tsv to array : 506ms
To combine the array to a tsv : 2m 58s 214ms

Why does it take so much longer to combine than split?

Link to the file:
Test code:

*put* the millisec into tTime1
*put* url("file:Enhanced-GB.tsv") into tTest
*put* the millisec into tTime2
*split* tTest using cr and tab
*put* the millisec into tTime3
*combine* tTest using cr and tab
*put* the millisec into tTime4
*put* tTime1,tTime2,tTime3,tTime4


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