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Thu Jun 10 19:34:11 EDT 2021

Yes it DOES work, using closeStackRequest. Not sure what I was seeing before, but closeStackRequest DID trigger. 

That is great in the Development environment, but it does not work in a standalone. I think what we determined in prior posts is to disable the red close dot/square and have some other means for quitting the app. 

Bob S

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> On 6/10/21 11:59 AM, Bob Sneidar via use-livecode wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> We have gone around about this before, but I still cannot get this to work. I need to know if there is a message sent when a user clicks the close button in a window (on a Mac it's a little red dot in the upper left, on Windows a red square with an X).
>> I tried before closeStack, closeStackRequest etc, and these are not getting triggered when I close the stack this way.
> You want closeStackRequest for that. Note that if you don't pass the message the stack won't close.
> Do you mean if you set a breakpoint it won't trigger at all?
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