workaround for cut-off text in native scroller?

Mark Wieder ahsoftware at
Wed Jun 2 12:36:01 EDT 2021

On 6/2/21 4:42 AM, Alex Tweedly via use-livecode wrote:

> I can tell you mine - they work for me , but whether they work for you, 
> or anyone else, is a different matter.

Thanks for the pointers.

> 1. NEVER lock message just to handle resizing.
>        If you need to do that, you're already in a heap of trouble :-)

Been there. Got the t-shirt.

> 2. ALWAYS (and I mean always) set the lockLoc of a group.
>      Don't let those uppity groups change their size - you need to be in 
> charge :-)

Ok - that's one I should take more to heart.

> 3. Work top-down in a (fairly) strict hierarchy. Let each level of 
> card/group handle the layout of its component pieces, allocate space for 
> them and "set the rect .." for each.
> 3a. Always resize/reposition things by setting their rect (not their 
> top/left/width/...).
>        Every time I try to use those seemingly-convenient shorter forms, 
> I get in trouble :-)

Yes, but... there are some cases where I need to set the height/width 
explicitly. For instance, I've got a complex group that contains a 
circle inside a rectangle. I could, I suppose, calculate the new height 
of the circle but not set it, then calculate the rectangle and center 
point of the circle and set the rectangle coordinates from that

Instead, I just set the height and width of the circle within the group, 
and this mostly seems to work if I'm careful.

  Mark Wieder
  ahsoftware at

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