LC 9.6.2 release change...

Paul Dupuis paul at
Wed Jun 2 12:17:02 EDT 2021

In every rc candidate of 9.6.2 up until the STABLE release version, if I 
have a command handler in the stack script of my mainstack (called say 
"prepForBuild") I could open the message box and just type in 
"prepForBuild" and press return to execute it.

No in LC9.6.2 STABLE, if I just type in "prepForBuild" and return, LC 
changes it to "put prepForBuild" and places the text "prepForBuild" in 
the results are of the message box instead of executing the handler.

It appears I now have to write "send prepForBuild to stack "X" -- where 
X is my mainstack to have it execute.

Anyone else seeing this?

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