workaround for cut-off text in native scroller?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Jun 1 16:49:50 EDT 2021

Klaus wrote:

 >> This quickie responsive setup took me about 5 minutes, less time
 >> than spent working around the bug, and now with a UI that works
 >> on all device types and screen ratios, with fixed predictable control
 >> sizes, and no cropping, padding, or distortion.
 > yes, thank you, but please bear with me, this is my very first mobile
 > app after owning my first cell phone for a couple of weeks. 8-)

No worries. All GUI OSes have had resizable windows since 1984. If 
you've ever scripted for them on the desktop you already have 90% of the 
habits needed to do the same on mobile.

 >> Bonus: Another few minutes on the cd 1 buttons group would even 
allow both orientations to be supported.
 > Not neccessary for this app.
 > But as a bonus I'd rather see this bug fixed. ;-)


I'm still wondering why we're still scripting scroll regions at all.

If the engine knows which objects it considers scrollable, and it knows 
how to provide access to OS handling of those interactions, put one 
engine capability with the other and scripters are liberated from this 
silly needless (and tragically LC-specific) tedium forever.

I'm also wondering why I'm alone in wondering that...

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