workaround for cut-off text in native scroller?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Jun 1 16:12:42 EDT 2021

Alternatively, you could handle your layout the way most apps on your 
phone do, with responsive design.

1. Add this to your stack script:

on ResizeCommon x,y
    -- Header:
    set the rect of grc ID 1003 to 0,0,x,92
    set the rect of fld ID 1005 to 0,19,x,90
    -- Footer:
    set the rect of widget "navigation" to 0,y-57, x, y
end ResizeCommon

2. Add this to cd 1 after grouping your buttons:

on resizeStack x,y
    ResizeCommon x,y -- see stack script
    set the loc of grp "btns" to item 1 of the loc of this cd, \
          item 2 of the loc of this cd + 20
end resizeStack

3. Add this to cd 2:

on resizeStack x,y
    ResizeCommon x,y -- see stack script
    set the rect of fld "spielanleitung" to 0, \
          the bottom of grp "top", \
          x, the top of grp "navibar"
end resizeStack

This quickie responsive setup took me about 5 minutes, less time than 
spent working around the bug, and now with a UI that works on all device 
types and screen ratios, with fixed predictable control sizes, and no 
cropping, padding, or distortion.

Bonus: Another few minutes on the cd 1 buttons group would even allow 
both orientations to be supported.

Play with the resizing right in the IDE here:
go url ""

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