workaround for cut-off text in native scroller?

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On 6/1/21 1:55 PM, Klaus major-k via use-livecode wrote:
> And "of empty" means with NO fullscreenmode, I guess?
> Tried that, no die!
> The dictionary tells me about "fullscreenmode":
> ...
> • empty - The stack is resized (not scaled) to fit the screen.
> (default) This is the legacy behavior.
> ...

Setting fullScreenMode to empty is the same as not using FSM at all; it's the old behavior we 
had before FSM was available. I think "of" was an autocomplete error; should be "to empty."

> Maybe I am misunderstanding this, but my stack was cut off on the right and bottom
> when setting FSM to EMPTY.
> Dimensions of my stack are smaller than my devide!
> Stack: 800*400
> Device: 1280*720

I believe the resolution of the device also affects the stack size, so if the resolution of 
your phone is different than the resolution of your desktop then it will size the stack 
differently. But I'm not sure how the calculations work exactly.

>> It's either the Flying Spaghetti Monster
> I highly doubt that! :-D

Off topic: a few years ago, a guy here in the U.S. went to renew his driver's license wearing a 
colander on his head. He said it was apparel for his deeply-held FSM Pastafarian religious 
beliefs, and they let him keep it on for the photo. Since then a few others have done the same. 
Permission depends on the state.

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