workaround for cut-off text in native scroller?

Klaus major-k klaus at
Tue Jun 1 10:59:18 EDT 2021

Hi Rick,

> Am 01.06.2021 um 16:38 schrieb Rick Harrison via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
> Hi Klaus,
> What happens if you add 100 blank lines?

I get the white space of hundred empty lines in the scroller.

> What happens if you add 100 blank lines and the last one has something on it?

Did not try that.

> I hope you find a suitable workaround because that’s a serious bug!

Hm, not sure, but it looks like you need at least 5 empty lines to "fool" LC to compute 
the correct scroll of the native scroller. Means all lines are visible, but not the EMPTY lines!?

And yes, this IS a serious bug!

> Rick



Klaus Major
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