how to include Apple's SF Pro font in an iOS app?

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Fri Jul 30 01:55:42 EDT 2021

I don't know why it wouldn't be allowed. Apple provides the fonts on their 
developer site and says you can download and use them:
Fonts are often named one thing but listed differently in the font files. 
This post mentions it's named "SFUI-Regular" on iOS 13:

If that's the case then you probably do have the font on the iPad and 
assigning LC's "system" font will automatically use it. In fat, that seems 
to be the preferred method according to that post.

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On July 29, 2021 11:19:06 PM Phil Davis via use-livecode 
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> Functionally speaking, I understand how to include it, but... will Apple
> let me release the app with that font included? I don't speak their
> brand of legalese very well.
> I can see the list of fonts that reside on my iPad and the SF fonts are
> not there. (I'm running iOS 14.6. ) But Apple makes it sound like
> they're ready for use. So I don't know what I'm supposed to do if I want
> to use the font in my app.
> Do you have experience with this issue? I could use some guidance.
> Many thanks -
> Phil Davis
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