Select an object in browse mode sending mouseup

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Tue Jul 27 09:38:49 EDT 2021

Is anyone else seeing this problem? I launch LiveCode, choose the pointer tool 
(double-check because of problems, active tool is definitely the pointer).

Click on a button, with the intention of editing the script. The button is 
selected - dotted line, handles - but it is also sent a 'mouseup' message and 
it starts executing.

I can edit the script - but when I save changes, there's a flash before it 
says "no errors" and sets the traffic light to green. After several times 
round this loop, I've discovered the flash is the IDE saying "can't set script 
while it is executing". So it keeps throwing away my changes - though I can't 
see this until I next open the script editor and find my changes are gone.

This is compounded by some mystery in which LC continues to think the script 
is running when I don't think it is. This may be related to the fact that the 
script I'm working on makes a bunch of HTTP requests, so there might be some 
dodgy threading going on - but I'm not convinced.

Once I'm in this situation, I'm not sure that I can get out of it, short of 
copying the text of my script out, quitting and re-launching LiveCode. And 
then sneaking up on my button to select it without clicking it!

I have found the definitive way to find out whether changes have been saved, 
without just closing and discovering that they haven't: if I introduce a 
syntax error in the script, then press apply, then the "can't set script while 
it is executing" message stays around.

Is this just me? I've just started working with this version (LC 9.6.2 
Community Plus) so it may be some unfortunate interaction with some bits of my 
ancient environment.



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