Also looking for MSSQL integration person

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Mon Jul 26 19:12:46 EDT 2021

MAX is the argument for maximum VARCHAR size. SQL Server NVARCHAR data type is used to store variable-length, Unicode string data. 

MSSQL has a try_cast snf cast function. Try using that to have the SQL server convert the data into VARCHAR and see what you get. 

Bob S

> On Jul 26, 2021, at 15:54 , Skip Kimpel via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> I think it is how I have everything setup.... something is getting lost in
> translation.  Keep in mind it is only two fields I am getting the "?"
> results back instead of the text contained inside.  The MSSQL data types of
> those two fields are: nvarchar(max).   Interestingly enough, I have other
> nvarchar fields coming through just fine but the difference is the "(max)"
> piece.
> It is a Azure SQL server and because I have not been able to figure out how
> to do a direct connection to it, I am using an ODBC connector with
> 32/64-bit ODBC Driver 13 for SQL server.
> Does this help at all?  I went through all the encoding types but they all
> failed using the textEncode.... when I say fail, I mean not the desired
> result.
> Maybe I hone in on the "max" piece of that code??

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