Also looking for MSSQL integration person

Paul Dupuis paul at
Mon Jul 26 16:59:52 EDT 2021

I can't help you figure it out, but text coming through as questions 
marks is almost always and text encoding issue.

For example, if the text is stored in the mySQL database as UTF8, then 
after fetching it in LiveCode nd before placing it in a field, you need 
to textDecode(<the variable with the text>,"UTF8") (see the textDecode 
dictionary entry)

If you are going the other way, text entered into a LiveCode field needs 
to be textEncode(<field text>,"UTF") before storing in the database.

You need to either look up what encoding you table(s) are using or set 
the encoding of the table(s) in the database to what you want and then 
perform the appropriate textEncode or textDecode operations in LC

On 7/26/2021 4:44 PM, Skip Kimpel via use-livecode wrote:
> I have MSSQL data flowing into my project but two data input fields are
> coming through as "?" instead of the actual text.
> WIlling to pay someone to help me figure this out.
> Please contact me directly at skip at
> Thank you!
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