Drag and drop within a list field

Curry Kenworthy curry at pair.com
Fri Jul 16 15:01:55 EDT 2021


 > the data in the custom property look like:
 > code<tab>name1

That's backwards, try this:

And with a tab stop, you may not need a custom property!
Fields can hold more content than what meets the eye.

 > folder<tab>nameA

Do you really need "folder" and "code" spelled out?
Redundant content will limit performance/list size.

I would aim for either:




... where 1 and 2 etc are unique IDs and match a data array.
Way better than trying to mirror the content in a prop.

 > The user must keep moving the mouse around slightly
 > so that continual dragMove messages are sent

Messages are messages, ditto for commands, "never the twain."
Keep them separate, user a timer or an alternate message.
Messages are handy - not holy.

 > coding drag and drop operations in LC
 > is one of the areas I am least familiar with.

One of the most fun areas, really. Way back during college,
I remember using (probably HC?) to whip up a class schedule
drag-and-drop UI because I had transferred between U's
and had to fit just the right things in one semester.

The other students were doing this with pencil and paper.
It was a smooth stack, light-years ahead of its time.
My counselor was surprised at the classes I fit in.

And since then, LC drag and drop just gets more fun!
(Although, as I hinted one conference, we're moving beyond
that stage pretty soon in the history of app dev.)

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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