How to scale the content of the Browser Widget

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Tue Jul 13 17:22:48 EDT 2021

One way...
Create a local html template and replace an href place holder in the
template to the url of the web server image.
Then load the template page into the browser widget and let html do the
resizing heavy lifting. This will not break cors.

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i need to display jpeg images in the browser widget. The images are stored
on a webserver and i  have no control about the size of the images. 
What i can say is that the images are larger than the browser widget area.
Is there a way to scale the images so they are fully visible in the browser
I do not want to temporarily store them on hard disk, resize them and then
I need something like an "on the fly" scaling.  
I am wondering if this might be possible with Javascript? Unfortunately i am
not very used Javascript.

Does anyone know if this is possible?



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