MouseDoubleUp in a datagrid

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Fri Jul 9 19:16:55 EDT 2021


I am interested in the answer to this too.   I wonder if is this something that you could use a frontScript for? I haven’t really used frontScripts so I am not quite sure whether this would work.  
The idea I thought of is could you have a mouseDoubleUp handler in the front script and have a condition as shown in the following pseudocode

if the target is your datagrid then
     call a handler that you wanted mouseDoubleUp handler to call, 
     pass mouseDoubleUp.  
end if 

 I would think that since the frontScript gets the mouseDoubleUp first it would handle it there before the selectionChanged messages are handled in the Datagrid itself.  Whats more if the target is the data grid and there is not a pass mouseDoubleUp command in the Lines of code after the if clause then mouseDoubleUp has been handled and that message will not make it to the DataGrid.    Is that a correct understanding of how the two could be made to achieve there result that Bob Wants?

Martin Koob

> On Jul 9, 2021, at 5:03 PM, Bob Sneidar via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Hi all. 
> I want to handle mouseDoubleUp in a datagrid WITHOUT triggering SelectionChanged. What is happening now is that selectionChanged gets sent twice before mouseDoubleUp gets sent. Setting a delay in mouseDoubleUp or mouseUp won't work because selectionChanged gets sent BEFORE those messages. 
> Any ideas? 
> Bob S
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