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Wed Jul 7 06:02:23 EDT 2021

Hello folks,


I have a DB hosted on AWS and need to move it from mySQL 5.6 to 5.7 because
of AWS restrictions.

In this context I am doing tests and also tried to see what my programs
(LiveCode > PHP > mySQL) say about mySQL 8.

For this I imported a current 5.6 dump into a mySQL 5.7 and into a 8.0 test


With mySQL 5.7 everything looks so far well.

With mySQL 8 all umlauts come back destroyed in DB queries in my LiveCode


When I look into the DB with mySQL Workbench, the umlauts are ok with 5.7 as
well as with 8.0. Only as soon as I get them into my LC program, they break.


Is here anybody, who has read about changes of handling the charset or
collations in mySQL databases with mySQL 8?

And any idea, where I should try to look for a fix? DB-collations/charsets?
PHP? LiveCode?


We are writing year 2021! and this is the third break of existing functions
handling umlauts within months after LC, macOS and now mySQL


Thanks for any ideas





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