Stuck on native database functions

Terence Heaford lheaford at
Wed Jul 7 02:52:59 EDT 2021

Here’s an example I have been using, not sure whether it will help:

function dbAddTransaction tAccountName,tValues

put q(tAccountName) into tAccountName

put q(tValues["uniqueID"]) into tUniqueID

put q(tValues["date"]) into tDate

put q(tValues["type"]) into tType

put q(tValues["description"]) into tDescription

put q(tValues["amount"]) into tAmount

put q(tValues["balance"]) into tBalance

put q(tValues["category"]) into tCategory

put "uniqueID,date,type,description,amount,balance,category" into tFields

put merge("[[tUniqueID]],[[tDate]],[[tType]],[[tDescription]],[[tAmount]],[[tBalance]],[[tCategory]]")into tValues

put merge("INSERT INTO [[tAccountName]] ([[tFields]]) VALUES([[tValues]])") into tSQL

revExecuteSQL dbGetID(), tSQL

put the result into tErr

return tErr

end dbAddTransaction


function dbEscapeSqlite tText

replace "'" with "''" in tText

return tText

end dbEscapeSqlite


function q tText

return "'" & dbEscapeSqlite(tText) & "'"

end q


> On 7 Jul 2021, at 00:06, Bob Sneidar via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Hi all. 
> I assemble an SQL statement that looks like this: 
> insert into ObjectProperties (recordid,rect,controlname,owner,visible) VALUES (:1,:2,:3,:4,:5)
> I then execute this statement: 
> revExecuteSQL tDBID, tInsertSQL, aRecordData
> I get records but with no data in them. I checked aRecordData and it has all 5 columns as keys and data in each of them. 
> I am at a complete loss. I was sure this was working before, now it is not. 
> Bob S
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