Text field in Windows standalone not receiving keyboard focus

Curry Kenworthy curry at pair.com
Fri Jan 29 20:42:49 EST 2021


 > I can’t add a breakpoint because the Remote Debugger
 > will take focus from the standalone

Behold the power of the log file:
Logs DOMINATE standalone debugging for all but the simplest issues.
They don't affect focus, either.

(Remote Debugger is cool, but like most things, has big limitations.)

 > If I add an answer “foo” the focus is properly shifted
 > to the field after the modal.

Yes, I've seen that happen! And getting focus back by switching the app.
Familiar, but can't recall the culprit. Also, might have been on Mac:
one Mac project with a window shape and floating window acted up.
The more complexity a stack has, the more things can interact.

I do remember this: it didn't take long to fix or work around!
That's why it was a fleeting memory. So take heart.

If pasting can work around it, so can your code. Take charge of focus.
Or even better, finish debugging and fix the underlying cause.

 > The card also doesn’t receive this message until the focus issue
 > is resolved as described before

So someone else is receiving those keystrokes. Who?
Could be a script. A stack. A control that doesn't pass the message.
(And for each of those - could be yours, or LiveCode's/third party.)

Use your log, record where the focus is, pin down the perp.
Record the relevant field properties too, just in case.

 >> - any front script or other library intercepting keystrokes?
 > Nope

Is that proven, or just AFAYK?

But I wouldn't be surprised if it's a stack or other group/control.

 > Datagrid, but not on this field or parent group.

DG is beautiful, but so often introduces issues.
Of course I wouldn't rip it out at this late point.
It might not be the culprit. Even if it is, you can work around.

Good news: pretty easy to fix or work around this!
I've had a very similar issue....

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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