installing and running LC on 'headless' linux server

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Fri Jan 29 13:44:07 EST 2021

So I want to install LC on a headless - i.e. no GUI, access over SSH - Ubuntu 20.

(Then I'll be using it to run a particular stack on a cron job.)

I've done this a long time ago with a standalone - but in this case I'd rather 
be able to do it with a stack.

The only thing that I know about is "-ui" but I'm not even far enough along to 
make use of this.

My first question is what's the best way to install it? Do I download the 
installer, e.g. "LiveCodeCommunityInstaller-9_6_1-Linux.x64", move it to the 
server and run it there? Or is that going to be a GUI installer?

Are there options I need to know about like where it should go?

And then are there tips about where I put my stacks, how to see error or 
debugging output, how the stack reads command line parameters etc?

Any and all advice welcome - especially of course "go and read this guide over 
here you idiot".



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