Double sided PDF Problem

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Jan 29 01:13:46 EST 2021

Brian K. Duck wrote:

 > I’d like to print decks of cards, front and back

Are you making components for a tabletop game?  Is it one of your own 

I've begun designing games here myself as something to do that takes me 
away from the computer now and then.  Modern tabletop games are 
fascinating systems; sometimes intricate like software, but laid bare in 

 > The front page is always easy.
 > Cards print left to right: 1-3
 > Flipping the pages, in portrait layout, the cards are now face down,
 > in order but reversed: 3,2, 1.
 > The problem is, printing 3 wide by 4 tall, aligining the two.
 > Any existing solutions or discussions?

I'm not sure I'm imagining this accurately.  Do you have a sketch or a 
mockup with numbered boxes you could point me to to see what you're 
output is like?

And are you printing multiple individual cards into a page, or have one 
page-sized card with multiple card images?

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