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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Jan 29 01:07:50 EST 2021

Tom Glod wrote:

 > Richard..... in the labs ...... I am testing the viability of using
 > Livecode as ONLY a UI layer.  So I have to find the fastest way of
 > getting decrypted JSON data from Core process (Go binary) to the UI
 > Layer that is a LC stack.

SLL encryption/decryption adds overhead to that process.

 > So when communicating data via the localhost or socket, I figured it
 > should still be encrypted if possible when in transit between the 2
 > programs. It's an attack vector in this kind of a scenario, a local
 > one, not remote as much.

The main benefit of encrypted sockets is to mitigate man-in-the-middle 

If you have a man in the middle of processes on a local computer that 
isn't you, it would seem you have bigger concerns. ;)

 > It would have been nice to reply on the protocol for it. I can get
 > around this particular problem of course by encrypting on one side
 > and decrypting on the other, also.  If I am really paranoid about
 > my security.

Paranoia can be healthy, when taken as directed. There may be a benefit 
to encrypting localhost sockets that I'm unfamiliar with, and if someone 
can point me to threat vector I'd be grateful to learn.

But I can't recall seeing a system that uses encrypted comms on local 

 > What do you think will be the fastest way?  Socket? Open Process?

Sockets and multiprocessing are such different things I'm pretty sure I 
don't understand the usage scenario.  But if you can describe we can 
brainstorm to optimize, as many good threads here have done before.

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