Call lc from php?

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What I still miss is a Kitchen Sink desktop/mobile/server demo application
standard included
In the LiveCode distribution.
The book of Andre Garzia is a good start but it would be great to see how
you can write command-line
tools, floating desktop apps, background apps (desktop/mobile) etc. etc. in
All kind of real word situations would be nice to see in a Kitchen Sink

Best wishes,

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 > For those of you who haven't seen Ralf's recent work  > on the revIgniter
site [...]

It's been on the edge of my radar, but never had a chance to use it yet. 
Thanks for the testimonial and reminder! Hope to try it later this year.


 > Why are you still using PHP when LC is better?

Technically, depends on how you define "better."
PHP definitely wins in some areas.
And there are already a lot of well-tested tools available for PHP.

But in general, I share your sentiment. I'm "all in" for LC.

I'm one of the few who are 100% specialized in LiveCode for all development.
But I predict that will be a growing segment.

I think it's great when LC can tie into other interfaces - the more of that
the better. And PHP is a giant. Good reason to tie in. Win-win.
It will actually make even MORE projects suitable for LC.
Or easier; most of this stuff was already possible for a long time.

If a job can be done in LiveCode, that's where I'm doing it.
And it's difficult to find a job that can't be done here.
People STILL don't realize all that LC can do....

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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