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Curry Kenworthy curry at pair.com
Thu Jan 28 14:46:38 EST 2021


 > Curry's gaslight and personal attack

Sorry guy, not true. Simply holding your post up to logic.
You are political, so maybe you see politics everywhere.

As I wrote to you offlist, in reply to your hateful and cursing rant:

"Look again at my post. Notice the timeframe of the scams I mentioned.
Now become aware of the timeframe of the FBI stuff YOU are talking 
about. Then apply logic. Or math. If you can!"

It turns out that you are here promoting a particular brand of politics.
Or at least attacking what you perceive as a different brand.

And ironically, you display outright hatred against a group of people!
Without being a bit bashful about it.
Nice, Stephen. Great follow-up to your previous gender-bashing, which 
I'll be more than happy to link, if that's what you desire.

I briefly mentioned lawfulness and spoke AGAINST politicizing 
institutions as a way to reduce crime and scams, in the context of and 
relevant to an already off-topic discussion. Too many scams, in turn 
affecting customer service for software.

I don't believe politics should be on this list, anymore than in law 
enforcement. I was speaking AGAINST politics. You are still promoting 
them. As we see here:

 > tells me all I need to
 > know about which team Curry is cheering for.

Offlist, you explained what you meant by "team" - you wrote:

 > I am against TRUMP and his party and all they stand for.
 > If you are one of those people, then I can only surmise you
 > support the hate and racism and I have ZERO respect for you
 > or your smartass opinions.
 > Are you really the dude I had lunch with downtown Sebastopol?

So again, if you are able to notice details, look at the time frames in 
my post, and you may finally notice that your rant had no logical basis.

Beyond that, it's very troubling - the only hate I see here is yours.
You used illogical means to place me into a group that you hate.
And then you acted upon and demonstrated that hate toward me.
It's not pretty.

I hope you can grow beyond this tendency to hate! It's a real handicap.
You are obviously a person with a lot of potential. Ditch the hatred.
Logic and math are good friends. Trust them instead of prejudices.

Whether it's gender, Trump, or whatever. Ease off the politics a bit!
Get back into LiveCode and logic. :)

And BTW, I've never even been to Sebastopol. What is that about?

Best way to respond to hate is with love:
I love you, Stephen. You have potential. Hope you get better.
Happy coding....

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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