OT Friendly customers....

doc hawk dochawk at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 13:29:01 EST 2021

Bob bumbled,

> WAIT… THAT was a SCAM???


He actually sent the money to me.

There was a great website years ago that I can no longer find, in which a women strung along one of these guys, posting what she was doing and the correspondence.

She became increasingly salacious, eventually asking about playing games like “hide the salami” when they met, and watched these fly over his head.

She also insisted on a personal meeting, and that he come alone.  She found a location in Amsterdam, iirc, with a webcam, and watched him arrive to collect the money—from her home in the US.

To his indignation that she wasn’t there, she pointed out that she said to come alone.

Eventually, she emailed him the address of the website, but his actual English was to poor to understand.

And he continued trying to run the scam on her!

He even slipped up and used one of his other identities in onej email, and tried to explain it away when she called him on it.

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