Call lc from php?

Ralf Bitter rabit at
Sun Jan 24 12:01:02 EST 2021

Hi Richard,

I agree to your comments, especially to
the first paragraph ;)

Joking aside, regarding CMS, CRS, LMS etc.,
I was thinking about developing a CMS based on
revIgniter for quite some time, just for the sake
of increasing the diversity, but stayed away from
doing it because, if done right, it is such a huge
task and because it would not pay my bills.

Todd Fabacher once started to develop a revIgniter
based CMS but I have no idea if it was ever released.


On 23.01.21 21:02, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
> revIgniter* is a wonderful framework, and one of most well-managed open 
> source projects in our community.  Ralf has delivered a faithful 
> re-envisioning of the popular WebIgniter framework for PHP, with some 
> very savvy twists that make it a joy for LiveCode scripters.
> But WebIgniter is far from PHP's only server framework, and I'd guess 
> Ralf would agree that as valuable as revIgniter is, it isn't the only 
> possible solution for every conceivable type of web site, app, or service.
> Reproducing many well-established PHP packages in LC is more possible 
> with frameworks like revIgniter than without.
> But if the PHP package is sophisticated enough it'll be a lot of work.
> And in many cases we're asked to extend systems we have no control over.
> There are many good reasons to pursue integration with existing services 
> rather than replacing the entire service from scratch.
> With my interest in Nextcloud as a backend, for example, I could save a 
> lot of time using revIgniter to build out self-signup. user permissions 
> groups, password reset, WebDAV support, OAuth in both directions, 
> headless REST, even federation, and an admin UI to manage it all. But 
> with Nextcloud I get all that with one Snap command, so I can jump right 
> into the client-side functionality which is my main interest on this 
> project.
> Similarly, some of my work these days has me integrating LC apps with 
> popular CRMs - the good CRMs are very expensive to produce and not 
> easily replicated, even with a great framework like revIgniter.
> Like anything else in development, it's just another case of choosing 
> the best tool for the task at hand.
> For a wide range of projects, revIgniter is a perfect choice.
> And when you need to integrate LC with an existing PHP system, we can do 
> that too.
> * For those of you who haven't seen Ralf's recent work on the revIgniter 
> site, in addition to offering truly exemplary documentation I also 
> appreciate the little touches he puts in, like the SVG intro animation 
> for the top banner:
> -- 
>   Richard Gaskin
>   Fourth World Systems

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