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revIgniter* is a wonderful framework, and one of most well-managed open 
source projects in our community.  Ralf has delivered a faithful 
re-envisioning of the popular WebIgniter framework for PHP, with some 
very savvy twists that make it a joy for LiveCode scripters.

But WebIgniter is far from PHP's only server framework, and I'd guess 
Ralf would agree that as valuable as revIgniter is, it isn't the only 
possible solution for every conceivable type of web site, app, or service.

Reproducing many well-established PHP packages in LC is more possible 
with frameworks like revIgniter than without.

But if the PHP package is sophisticated enough it'll be a lot of work.

And in many cases we're asked to extend systems we have no control over.

There are many good reasons to pursue integration with existing services 
rather than replacing the entire service from scratch.

With my interest in Nextcloud as a backend, for example, I could save a 
lot of time using revIgniter to build out self-signup. user permissions 
groups, password reset, WebDAV support, OAuth in both directions, 
headless REST, even federation, and an admin UI to manage it all. But 
with Nextcloud I get all that with one Snap command, so I can jump right 
into the client-side functionality which is my main interest on this 

Similarly, some of my work these days has me integrating LC apps with 
popular CRMs - the good CRMs are very expensive to produce and not 
easily replicated, even with a great framework like revIgniter.

Like anything else in development, it's just another case of choosing 
the best tool for the task at hand.

For a wide range of projects, revIgniter is a perfect choice.

And when you need to integrate LC with an existing PHP system, we can do 
that too.

* For those of you who haven't seen Ralf's recent work on the revIgniter 
site, in addition to offering truly exemplary documentation I also 
appreciate the little touches he puts in, like the SVG intro animation 
for the top banner:

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Erik Beugelaar wrote:

> We do have revIgniter or am I missing the clue?
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> Richard Gaskin via use-livecode
> Rick Harrison wrote:
>  > Why are you still using PHP when LC is better?
> I agree of course that LC is a strong contender against any popular
> server-side language, as LC's chunk expressions and self-documenting style
> make clear.
> But it isn't nearly as popular.
> LC is where Ruby was before Rails: an interesting and useful language
> largely underappreciated for server work.
> We don't even have a single generalized user management library for LC, let
> alone any of the CMSes, CRMs, LMSes, or hundreds of other categories where
> PHP is well established.
> So one way LC can play a growing role in server development is through
> integration with existing services.
> And odds are those existing services are written in PHP.
> So Neville's question is one we might all ask ourselves:
> How can we use LC to add new capabilities to the PHP-based systems that run
> most of the online world?
> For my own part I've been exploring ways LC can be usefully integrated 
> with the breadth of services provided with Nextcloud, which like most 
> server systems is written in PHP.
> I could theoretically reinvent everything in Nextcloud using LC, but 
> given the countless thousands of hours that have gone into the vast 
> suite of apps that community provides, why would I?
> Right out of the box I get an API for user management, with access to 
> arbitrary user-specific storage via WebDAV. One line of install code 
> gives me a ready-to-go backend for a wide range of apps, letting me 
> focus on the client side.
> Lately I've begun taking that further, poking around the server side 
> similar to whatever Neville's working on, looking for ways to integrate 
> LC services with the services already built into Nextcloud.
> Rewriting Nextcloud from scratch would be doable but prohibitively 
> expensive.  But building on top of the Nextcloud platform lets me stand 
> on the shoulders of giants, to see much further than I could on my own.
> Integration is increasingly a core part of what my clients ask me to do 
> as well.
> The days of monolithic one-size-fits-all systems are passing, if they 
> haven't passed already.
>  From here forward, the biggest opportunities are in integration with 
> well established services.
> This not only lets us focus on the specific functionality we enjoy 
> building, but also carries the additional benefit for all of us in the 
> LC community in introducing our favorite language into the communities 
> for those systems.
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