Comments for Properties in the Property Inspector?

Paul Dupuis paul at
Sat Jan 23 08:03:41 EST 2021

Random Thought of the Day:

Does anyone else wish that custom properties had an optional comment 
field that could be viewed in the Property Inspector (PI)?

I realize you can always comment properties in the code where you use 
them, but I find myself often in the PI looking at a Property that has, 
say an enumerated set of values, and I don't remember what all the 
values are, nor do I remember exactly where in the many stacks of code 
the property is first documented. I find myself wishing each custom 
property has a comment field.

I suppose I could create a library of setProp and getProp handlers for 
every property I might like to document and document the values or 
constraints there. I suppose if I am doing that extra degree of work 
then I could enforce any constraints on the customer property in the 
getProp and setProp handlers, but that seems like a non-trivial extra 
amount of work just to remember that the custom property should only 
have values of X, Y, and Z.


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