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this cheesehead is here since 2014 😁

Op 14-1-2021 om 03:45 schreef Bob Sneidar via use-livecode:
> You are new here, so I will just say that among the forbidden topics on this list, sex, politics, religion (pretty much everything that really matters in this world) is the subject of cheese. Consider yourself notified. ;-)
> Bob S
> On Jan 13, 2021, at 1:15 PM, JeeJeeStudio via use-livecode <use-livecode at<mailto:use-livecode at>> wrote:
> Stay off the fake Gouda cheese, maybe it's Chinese origin.
> Only take the original Dutch Gouda, which is protected by the way, although
> in China they don't mind that.
> Op zo 10 jan. 2021 om 23:36 schreef Curry Kenworthy via use-livecode <
> use-livecode at<mailto:use-livecode at>>:
> JeeJeeStudio:
> One could ask him/her-self the question if it is still ethical to
> buy a reall Mac? Seeing the child-labor in their factories in China
> is still present.
> I'm glad you went there! Thank you. I do ask myself, and the answer is
> clear. Whether it's a Mac, or any other product. Same deal.
> Not to mention forced organ harvesting (often while conscious), torture,
> gulags, repression (now becoming fashionable), ethnic/racial crackdowns,
> thought/political/religious crackdowns, IP theft, debt traps,
> poison/health risks, safety flaws, hacking and theft, credible plan for
> world domination, worker hazards and living/working conditions, and the
> list could go on for many pages.
> I'm typing this on a PC laptop, with a fan blowing on my face, at a
> desk, sitting on a wheelchair, under a light bulb, all of which probably
> have the same origin. Consumer choices are limited, but it does bother
> me. There's a real need for products produced in a context where human
> rights are respected.
> (I consider that human decency, not politics. And for the record, I'm
> completely off cheese at the moment; developed allergic reaction to it.)
> Best wishes,
> Curry Kenworthy
> Custom Software Development
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