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Thu Jan 14 10:08:21 EST 2021

Hi ,

Have an application for IOS and started to use MergExt BLE. 

This is working great with livecode on finding devices , connecting and writing.

I have an issue with reading , it works but missing data randomly on read.

The BLE device is using Notify.

In “didupatevalueforcharactistic“ values are return after writing a request. But sometimes half the response or other random results.

The application needs to send a few commands each will reply with unique data.

So :-
Write 123
Read result and action 
Write 456
Read result and action and so on...

I am sure this is no fault of MergBLE it just cannot find livecode doc on how to structure the data flow using MergBLE commands and Messages.

Any help would be appreciated.

Regards Camm

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