Cmi5 eLearning Standard in LiveCode

Brian K. Duck bduck at
Wed Jan 13 16:51:16 EST 2021

Hi All,

I'm trying to see when we're all available for CMI5 in LiveCode Kickoff via Zoom.

Please visit
to let me know when you're available.

This url is for a free app called When2Meet that I just read about in TidBits….

I’ve created a login & password, and you will be prompted to as well, for THIS EVENT.

Once you’ve done that, you should be able to drag on the calendar to indicate in GREEN when you are available, the we can set a time to meet in Zoom.

I’ve bcc'ed everyone to also get this in your email, and to set it as a reminder, but it should also appear on the list if things go well...

Brian Duck

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