[ANN] Release 9.6.2 RC-2

Michael Kristensen michael-kristensen at dsa-net.dk
Wed Jan 13 15:00:58 EST 2021

Richard Gaskin wrote:

> We've been here before...
> 68k -> PPC
> Classic -> OS X
> PPC -> Intel
> 32-bit -> 64-bit

More form memory-land:

Yesterday I downloaded SuperCard 4.8.1 Trail wich still is maintained.

I was able to convert some 30 years old SC stacks so they could run again (at least for 30 days).

It look exactly like when I left it for Revolution and Livecode.

Richard, you might be the first person I ever emailed to, back then when we had telephone modems (krrrryyyyyzzzzqqqq)


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