Cmi5 eLearning Standard in LiveCode

Brian K. Duck bduck at
Sun Jan 10 22:21:09 EST 2021


I haven’t done anything with CMI5, yet.

I have been running a project during the FREE xAPI Cohorts, both the 2020 Spring & Fall sessions, where we’ve used LiveCode Comunity to send xAPI statements from input received via a MakeyMakey board to an LRS.

The LiveCode for this project is available as a GitHub download, and is usable by LiveCode Community. There are JavaScript libraries that I would like to make available internal to the stack, guidance on internalizing the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript would be appreciated.

The next xAPI Cohort begins February 4th, the live sessions are Thursdays at 2 PM Eastern, and the signup is at:

Anyone who would like to learn about using LiveCode for xAPI, online learning and assessing training events is invited to join. Once you register for the xAPI Cohort, you will receive information on joining the xAPI Cohort Slack channel, and you should look for the #Discuss-Dev-LiveCode sub group to join, say hello, or reach out to me via slack.

If you like, we could look at building a CMI5 project in LiveCode as a getting started effort.

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