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Sun Jan 10 03:48:54 EST 2021

Hmm: Yes, I do work occasionally on a couple of G5 iMac I have lying 
around, and, more often, a G4 Mac Mini
(a lovely machine I can shove in my bag and run back and forth between 
home and work): BUT, to tell the  truth,
at the moment my main work is spread between a 2018 Mac Mini (the last 
INTEL model) running macOS 11.2 and an ASUS
laptop running Xubuntu 20.10.

Apple, like Microsoft, is a profoundly undemocratic institution. This 
should not matter if the 'great dictator' is
truly 'great' (and even the sainted Steve Jobs has feet of clay); but 
those types of dictators only crop up in places
like Plato's Laws and fairy stories.

When I read Plato's Laws I got an ENTIRELY different picture from all 
those 'leisurely chats' between Socrates
and his chums.

A company with no checks and balances, and that doesn't listen to its 
customers, is going to have more than the
odd wonky moment.

Currently the 'great dictator' of my company (me) is listening to the 
Bulgarian Ministry of Education, the parents
of children who attend my language school, 3 trustworthy doctors, my 
assistant, and so on: as not sure when
to stop delivering online classes and restart in the physical school, or 
whether to provide a 'mixed service' with
both online and 'offline' classes (also known as logistical hell). 
Obviously if I don't listen AND act on what I hear
in a way that keeps the majority happy, I'm shafted.

All I can say, with a smile on my lips, is "Thank God" I only have 50 
kids to worry about.


On 10.01.21 0:34, Curry Kenworthy via use-livecode wrote:
> Me:
> > I'm planning to get an M1 Mac this year
> Naturally, right after I post this, Apple makes headlines (again) for 
> doing something arbitrary and rather dim.
> So an ethical and professional disclaimer:
> I don't support self-contradictory and illogical policy,
> any more than self-contradictory and illogical UI.
> Shallow thinkers (and toddlers of all ages) focus mainly on external 
> agreement. It requires some mental development to realize a need for 
> intellectual consistency and indeed honesty.
> I like the way this principle is clear in the realm of coding. If true 
> is also false, logic falls apart. Every logical branch in a script 
> evaluates to true or false. True and false must be reliable, not 
> arbitrary and capricious. Otherwise code would be unpredictable.
> (That's why people who rationalize have trouble writing good code: 
> they are speaking a second language, and have trained themselves to 
> imitate logic rather than following it! Mental habits matter.)
> Apple's biz practices make it difficult to avoid finally replacing my 
> 2012 Mac, but as most people here probably know, I did not intend my 
> statement as an endorsement. Glad Richmond can still work on the G5! :)
> Best wishes,
> Curry Kenworthy
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