Native scroller and iPhone X and >

Ludovic THEBAULT ludovic.thebault at
Sat Jan 9 11:37:25 EST 2021

Hello and happy new year !

I’ve tested my app on an iPhone X and the height of the native scrollers are not corrects.
It seems that this is due to the notch. The scrolling area is smaller than needed.

Il i test the same app on an iPhone < X (without notch) it’s ok.

What I missed ?

Here the script ( it’s a locked grp with an field on it)  :
mobileControlCreate "scroller", sControlName

mobileControlSet sControlName, "rect", the rect of grp «  scroller »
mobileControlSet sControlName, "contentRect", "0,0," & the formattedWidth of  of fld «  toScroll » & comma & the formattedHeight of fld «  toScroll »

Any ideas, i can't solve the problem.

Thanks !

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