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Fri Jan 8 05:33:35 EST 2021

Hello all,

Just a clarification - the bug about dashes in menus in standalones on Big
Sur is:

and not

BTW, could someone that has a M1 Mac confirm that in the LC 9.6.2 RC-1 IDE
there are no dashes in front of the menus - in other words that this bug is

Thank you!

Kind regards,

On Fri, 8 Jan 2021 at 01:07, Curry Kenworthy via use-livecode <
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> Paul:
>  > we have several customer who have said
>  > they are upgrading to M1 laptops
> Yes; important to support! I'm looking in that direction too. It'll be
> popular, plus it's what I can afford. Many people in the same boat.
> (Backstory: Apple's biz model forces Apple to force us to spend on
> hardware. The mobile herd sticks with Apple, so the dev herd does too,
> so wallets must open and notes must rain down. But not satisfied yet
> with the rain from software tweaks, so now hardware tweaks too.)
> I'm planning to get an M1 Mac this year, to get back on the bleeding
> edge for a while. It's time. My old Mac hardware is still perfectly
> good, it was well-built and has zero issues, but finally has been pushed
> into what will soon be an untenable corner by the combo of new OS to
> support and new chip to support. But the older Mac will continue to
> serve for testing and for transition dev if needed.
>  > a sense of when LC 9.6.2 STABLE may be out?
> Could be roughly predicted, maybe, by looking at what they are working
> on. I actually agree with LC's anti release date policy; announcing firm
> dates is just begging for another issue to pop up. But since Apple's biz
> model places so much pressure on devs to keep up, a sense would be good.
> Especially since third-party addons and widgets also have to keep up
> with our ecosystem.
> (Another backstory: Don't forget the stable/stable linguistic play; I've
> seen RCs here that were actually more "stable" than the final, because
> glitches, regressions, and extra bugs are sometimes - perhaps often -
> introduced in the very process of fixing bugs. Depending on a stable to
> be stable is a gamble, and depending on the specific features in an app,
> there are times when the RC is more reliable. Nevertheless I really hate
> to publish anything with an RC; only when forced to do so.)
> BTW, Paul knows all of this very well. I'm just replying publicly in
> case the backstories will benefit other readers here in the process. :)
> Best wishes,
> Curry Kenworthy
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