Building a Standalone MacOS App in 9.6.1

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Hi Terence,

This last year I've compiled and run several apps for Catalina. In the last month I've made four builds for MacOS Big Sur.
I have never needed to sign the app.

I have taken the applications on a USB to several clients and the only message I have received is the typical message:  "Are you sure to run this application. It has been downloaded from the Internet and may not be reliable and bla, bla.."

Sometimes, when MacOS blocks you from opening an app, it lists the app on the General tab on the Security & Privacy panel in System Preferences. Head to that panel and you'll see the blocked app listed with an Open Anyway button to create an exception and install it.


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I thought I would try to build a standalone app with the Community Edition in Catalina 

Many errors. Perhaps someone could shed some light.

This error is the first. "replacing existing signature xcrun: error active developer path”

I did see a comment on the LC Forum that suggested

sudo xcode-select —install, to install the command line tools.

I carried this out, still no luck.

Installed 9.6.1 RC1. Still no luck.

Is it necessary to have Xcode installed for this to work?



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