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Sun Jan 3 14:18:33 EST 2021

Thanks for this. I very much agree with you about the need for more Livecode books. For example, online education has become a big deal because of the pandemic. It won’t go away after it’s over, because media and content are being developed that will be applied to support live classes and their teachers. Topics that come to mind are how to connect Livecode apps to course management systems, how to make information presentation apps that are engaging, with elements of reader response and interaction, and ways of reporting to the teacher, etc.

I play jazz piano, as an amateur, though. I get emails from several jazz teachers that contain free stuff, to initiate subscriptions for more detailed instruction, available at their web site. If you could identify challenges that developers face and create books that address those challenges, it might work. Personally, I find many of the Livecode support dictionary very good at the details, but for solving particular higher level problems, it is weak. The discussions on this list are very helpful.

Livecode is touted as very easy to get started with. However, building a real application is not that easy. Deployment is an ever changing challenge. For myself, I have to relearn the deployment techniques every time, because I don’t deploy very often. I depend on folks who share their deployment help apps and knowledge on this list.

A big challenge is that the technology is constantly changing and keeping current is a big challenge. I see that a huge amount of online materials must work in a browser, which vastly simplifies cross platform issues. However, Livecode will probably need to do a lot more to support browser deployment than they have to date. Perhaps a book that addresses web deployment would be very popular, especially if it was able to implement some of the features that are normally limited to the desktop.

Thanks for reading some of my ramblings.

Good luck, Andre

William Prothero

William Prothero
> On Jan 3, 2021, at 10:27 AM, Andre Garzia via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Kee, Lagi, Chip, and Bob,
> Thanks again for the kind words. I hope you all enjoy the book. :-)
> Let me clarify some things because I can see how people are confused about
> me messaging about the book now. So, the book hasn't changed, this is not
> an update on the content. This was a price reduction I made because I want
> to prepare myself to start selling books on Amazon. You may not be aware
> but if I price the book between 1.99 and 9.99 on Amazon, I get 70%
> royalties. But, if I price it above 9.99, I get only 35%. This means that I
> get more money from pricing it 9.99 than if I price it higher, unless I
> price it much higher. Basically, 9.99 gives the the same amount of
> royalties as if I priced it 20. That is of course only for Amazon. All the
> other players in the market give you 70% regardless of how you price it.
> Amazon makes this rule to force the prices down. And before you think this
> is good, be aware that this makes it a lot harder to make a living out of
> books. Which makes it detrimental to the quality of books being shipped
> since an author can't justify working longer or producing a larger book
> since they won't be able to charge a fair price. But that is publishing
> politics and I won't go too deep into it here, I just thought you folks
> should know.
> So that little campaign was made to:
> * Teach me how to use book brush which is an online tool to create
> specialized artwork for book authors/publishers. I used to make the nice
> art you might have seen on the FB group or the forum.
> * Let me see if people will actually buy a 9.99 book. My leanpub royalties
> page (which has some automatic statistical recommendation in it) was
> telling me to price the book higher than 20.
> * Check if people are OK buying directly from my site, which makes me much
> more confident of the process and in control.
> I'm working towards switching from being a developer to being a writer.
> This is a long process and this was a step forward. The next step is
> producing a new LC book from scratch without relying on Leanpub and making
> it available in multiple stores. It will probably be a short book, very
> focused on some specific topic that I haven't yet decided on.
> I believe that we need more books in our community :-)
> Kind regards
> Andre
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>> Hi,
>> Sorry maybe it's October 8th  as I think you use American format dates.
>> Lagi
>> On Wed, 30 Dec 2020 at 00:28, Andre Garzia via use-livecode <
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>>> Hey Friends,
>>> I've reduced the price of my LiveCode eBook to £9.99. This book will
>> teach
>>> you advanced techniques, and contains a ton tips and tricks from a
>> seasoned
>>> LC developer.
>>> Get it from:
>>> Kind regards
>>> Andre
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