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Sat Feb 13 09:28:53 EST 2021

Hi David

It is (a lie) if this has been going on for years...
If they say specifcally it is to be released Jan 2021 in an effort to
prevent me from cancelling my subscription and then find out it's likely
not going to be around till mid 2022, it's a bit much really!


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> >
> > I was told last year that HTML5 deployment would see upgrades maybe by
> > Jan2021 LC 9.7.
> Hi Sean,
> I think that kind of aspirational statement, particularly in the world of
> software development, is the kind of thing to be really pleased and
> surprised about if it actually happens within 12 months of the estimate. In
> my book it certainly doesn’t qualify as a lie.  To anticipate features for
> a commercial product in development would need  a seriously strong and
> informed insider steer.  No consolation, I appreciate, but if anyone should
> be in a position to understand the particular challenges of software
> development, it must be other developers.
> Which kind of reminds me about my last mail…. paying for Windows SuperCard
> and waiting for it to arrive.  I was SO wound up about that.  Weirdly now,
> it is a fond memory.
> Best Wishes,
> David Glasgow
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