Codesigning & notarizing

Marty Knapp martyknappster at
Wed Feb 3 15:47:03 EST 2021

Is it just my imagination or does LC (9.6.1) now automatically codesign Mac apps when you build a standalone? Well my setup is - I tried on 2 different Macs. Yet I can’t find anywhere to set or change this - what am I missing? Is there a ghost in the machine??

I usually use AppWrapper to do my codesigning as it performs some other cleanup functions that I like. I have a Levure-based app and my build-codesign-notarize process has been working fine, until I tried with LC 9.6.2 rc2. If I leave the codesigning done by LC get a bunch of errors back when I notarize. If I codesign (but not notarize) the 9.6.2 rc2 built app with AppWrapper it crashes on startup with a "Service exited with abnormal code: 255” error.

I tried leaving the codesigning done by LC and then tried notarizing with apps built in 9.6.1 and 9.6.2 - they both fail to notarize with lots of errors

Anybody else having similar issues?


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