install custom apps from Google Drive, known limits?

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Android uses the identifier ("com.mydomain.appname") to determine if it is the same app. If the 
identifiers are identical it will overwrite or, sometimes, not install at all if the version 
codes are the same. The name (or "Label") is for display only and doesn't affect installations.

So for two different apps, you want two different identifiers. For each version of each app, 
increment the version number too.

   com.mydomain.appname1 version 1 -- initial build
   com.mydomain.appname1 version 2 -- an update

   com.mydomain.appname2 version 1 -- second app
   com.mydomain.appname2 version 2 -- second app update

Note that the version codes don't have to be incremental and can even count backwards. Android 
only checks to see if they're different.

On 4/29/21 1:31 PM, Klaus major-k via use-livecode wrote:
> Hi all,
> I created two Android apps and put them on my Google Drive.
> Then I installed one app from there, no problem.
> Then I installed the other app from there, also no problem.
> But I was very suprised that only the second installed app was
> left on my cellphone. The first one was obvioulsy overwritten!?
> Before you ask, of course the apps have different names! 8-)
> I searched the internet, but did not find any info about this.
> Is this a known limitation for "custom apps" installed from Google Drive?
> Thanks for any insight!
> Best
> Klaus
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