Complete Crash or Engine Hang: which is better?

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Thu Apr 29 13:13:42 EDT 2021

Thanks Richard, that probably explains it. There are style runs in the TextEdit text (and not, say, in Atom or some other editor). It was just odd to me because I think (quite simplistically) of text being text and not expecting them to have style runs, but of course they can. This also began because not only could I not change my text, someone else previously had this problem and eventually fixed it by deleting the fields and starting over ( <>). I now suspect it may have been style runs in their text as well. I don’t tend to run into this sort of problem because I’m rarely concerned with the style of text, but in this particular case I actually did want to change the font size and color and couldn’t, and that had me puzzled. Ok good, I think you've solved this. Thanks for weighing in.


> On Apr 29, 2021, at 5:18 PM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Mark Smith wrote:
> > here’s an odd pasting issue I ran into the other day. To cut to the
> > chase, basically I can make a field become unmodifiable with respect
> > to TEXT parameters (excluding align) by pasting anything from Apples
> > TextEdit tool into the field.
> By what means were you attempting to modify the text styles?
> If you modify the text styling properties of the field object itself, remember that style runs within the field will override those.
> You could have your script paste with putting the clipboardData["text"] into the selection, and you can strip style runs to inherit field properties with "put fld X into fld X".
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