App fails to launch after code signing

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Sun Apr 25 04:04:12 EDT 2021

I have created a standalone Mac app. It launches and works as expected. The problem is that after code signing it (though it throws a few errors they seem to all be ones that are generally regarded as bogus error messages) the app fails to launch. 

It reports success for code signing, notarization and staplication.
I’m using a lightly modified version of  Matthias Rebbe’s great  < mrSignNotarizeHelperV2-LC_lesson.livecode > to do the heavy lifting. Checking with the terminal shows:

"valid on disk”
"satisfies its Designated Requirement"

When I look in the console I see this happens when the app tries to launch:

"AddInstanceForFactory: No factory registered for id <CFUUID 0x7fae534148a0> F8BB1C28-BAE8-11D6-9C31-00039315CD46”

This app uses the following inclusions (added manually)
      Revolution Zip

The Googles seem to indicate that it is associated with AV stuff (primarily audio) but my app doesn’t do anything like that. Any ideas what this might mean?

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